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Hi everybody! Come on in, kick back, and relax! I am Celeste and I am the lovely founder of Flava in Ya Ear, a food with a side of music site.  I was born and raised in NY and I currently reside in NYC. I am a chef legend (well, at least a legend in my mind). I love to cook and I was forced to cook when I moved out of my parent’s house a little over 4 years ago. My love of cooking is really born from my love of eating; I love going to restaurants! The only thing is that I am a “Picky Eater” so I don’t try many exotic dishes unless they’re sweet. I will try all desserts twice, which certainly makes up for my lack of entrée eating. I am a huge snacker- I snack all day. I can’t get through a full day of anything without at least 3-5 snacks. You would probably think I am 350 lbs but, trust me, that is 100% me in my bio picture.  Photoshop is great! (I jest!) 

Back to how I consider myself chef-like. I cook very well but occasionally, like everyone else, you’ll find one of my creations burnt beyond recognition. Hey, I’m still learning. I used to be discouraged when something didn’t come out right but I decided, “Who the hell cares? Chuck it or feed it to my friend/guinea pig, Lizz, and try again!”  As I progress, I have fewer mishaps. Almost perfect! Moral of the story? Don’t give up! 
Some of my favorite cuisines include but are DEFINITELY NOT LIMITED to West Indian food (half of my family is Guyanese), THAI, Soul food, American<<yup did I mention I am a #frenchfrygirl? I could eat fries every day! I also like Spanish food, and just recently got involved in Middle Eastern food.  I enjoyed two dishes, though one of those, of course, was a dessert! I like some Italian food but I’m not big on pasta and sauce. 
My passion for music is legendary, and I can’t really do anything without music and a snack. As I type this, I’m watching music videos and eating a cookie. My father worked for several music companies then had his own. When I was growing up, my brother and I were surrounded by music. Since I was a nosey child, I always wanted to go everywhere with my father. That resulted in me going to work with him and to the studio sometimes. I guess all of that has influenced me to pursue music. I am a musical event coordinator for a start up company called the Yin Yen, and I am the manager for "Sir Qwest Music" and "I'm Just The DJ" start up companies, as well. I like different genres of music. If you would like to know something specific about me visit the contact section and shoot me an email. I will be glad to answer emails as long as they are appropriate and topical.


Yanet originates from Dominican Republic, has her heart in NY but is a new found southern bell, residing in Charleston, South Carolina. She models in her spare time. She loves to try new dishes and her favorite is arroz con gandules, a famous dish that hails from Puerto Rico. Check out her blog

Ryan is a 26 year old male, born and raised in GA. Who is currently working on a computer programming degree and loves to cook and experiment in the kitchen. He likes all kinds of music. If it's got a good beat, he'll rock it. There's something about music that can change your whole mood he said. He is an aspiring writer.

Sarah T. was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, where, from a young age, she learned to love the diverse flavors of the culturally eclectic borough.  As a recent college graduate, she has returned to Brooklyn in search of employment, excitement, and all things edible. She hopes to provide information on culinary trends, restaurants, and cheap eats in Brooklyn.

Kisha is a 27 year old food lover from Washington, DC, with an extensive background in Culinary arts. She has taken all kinds of classes: everything from knife skills and plated dinners to putting together a culinary team and her own business. She has also cooked with some great chefs including Master Chef Raimund Hofmeister.  Kisha has an Associates in Advanced culinary arts and bachelors in hospitality management. After learning so much, she found her passion in food writing, photography and pastry arts. She is always trying new places to get a wider perspective on different cultures and cuisine. Living in the United states capital, there are tons of things to do, places to go, and people to see. Food writing is a great way for her to express her thoughts and feelings about dishes as well as look at in a different way then just eating it. So happy reading... "Lets Eat"

From the small Australian town of Taree to the bright lights of NYC with countless crazy sojourns in between. Meredith has a great passion for nightlife, culture and the culinary arts. She has worked in music venues in Sydney and London; bar tended from Central America to Europe, and has recently begun calling NYC her home after winning the United States Green Card Lottery. With both her father and brother being top-notch chefs in Australia, food has always played a great part in her life, giving her a varied but discerning palate. Along with freelance writing and playing guitar she works as a Park Av Nanny by day - a chameleon of characters to say the least!

Veronica Spettmann is a jack of all trades, and a master of none, with an insatiable passion for food, writing, and Neil Gaiman. She's a recent graduate from LIU Post and (finally) has her BA in English. Though she's still waiting for her letter from Hogwarts, she's biding her time by freelance writing and sending out resumes to every major publishing company she's ever known. You can check out her progress (or lack thereof) at her blog, The Five-Dollar Word

Jennifer was born loving food, having two parents who are huge foodies, she grew up watching Julia Child and Jacques Pepin on TV.  Chefs are her rock stars.  She moved from Ohio to the culinary mecca, Manhattan and has been eating her way around town ever since.  Check out her blog

"Words are an inspiration for realism. I get in a venue and event and bring it to you. Bringing west coast love to the great people of the east." -Carlo