38th Annual Ninth Avenue Food Festival
42nd-57th st
 May 14th, 2011

I know, I'm very late but, hey the site wasn't ready to go yet. I went to the ninth avenue food festival for the first time in years. Unfortunately, I didn't get to spend as much time as I wanted too there because I was on a tight schedule. I met up with one of our writers, Chrissy, and we breezed through. We sampled here and there and took a few pics. 
There was an array of ethnic cuisines that represented the different cultures in NYC. Local businesses and organizations lined the avenue. 
 I love food festivals because all of the great food that you often desire is in one place. 

Since it was so long ago, I don't remember all of the names of the vendors, so it will be more of a photo diary. Enjoy! 

Of course, my first stop was Mama Empanada! Spicy chicken empanada was delish! They were a whopping $3. I've been to the actual Mama Empanada location, twice since then. They are 24 hours which is perfect for me and my insomnia folks! I just wished they delivered to Harlem!

This vendor had a lot of great looking desserts. My sweet tooth was throbbing! But I was saving myself for the fried oreos, which I didn't get a pic of because I devoured them in .5 seconds

My sweet tooth dragged me here. I didn't have any but I'll be in touch.

Chrissy had an italian sausage with loads of onions. 

Sorry for the gruesome pic but this was the first time I ever saw this up close. I've slowed down with the pork eating but I can't cut it out completely. I love bacon and ribs! Sorry :/

So I decided to have a cow after I saw that poor pig.

The man was kind enough to hold it up for me while I took a pic.

Fruits are always good! 
One of the Bread Factory locations was located on 9th ave so they had a table set up out front. I bought one of those strawberry tarts for my bf. He loves strawberries while I'm not so fond of them. He loved the special strawberry tart. 
Hello, Old Fashioned Soda Pop. They sold "vintage" tin cups that you were able to refill throughout your visit.

I am a tea head! I wanted to throw all of the tea leaves in a big sack and run. The aroma was unexplainable. 

By Celeste