Interview with the owner of Mrs.Dorsey's Kitchen
We conducted our first interview with Ronnie Johnson, the owner of Mrs. Dorsey’s Kitchen.
The everlasting memories of delicious aromas that filled his grandmother’s home inspired him to become the grilled cheese specialist he is today.  Mrs. Dorsey’s kitchen introduces a twist on the traditional grilled cheese.

How often do you eat grilled cheese?
Good question...I just recently began eating grilled cheese sandwiches again, as of last October.  I remember having them as a young boy.  And that golden crust and soft American cheese brings back memories of elementary school, monkey bars, and pure innocence (when I wasn't getting in trouble).  But now... if I'm not trying to create a new GCS then, I probably eat a GCS once or twice a week.
What kind of cheese makes the best-grilled cheese?
Right now, I'm pretty obsessed with Gouda cheese.  When grated, it melts very well, and the color is beautiful.  And needless to say, the taste is amazing!

What is the ultimate grilled cheese sandwich that would keep you full for hours?
Ha!  Well a few months ago I made a GCS on challah. Never used it before, so I thought I'd give it a try.  I mixed sharp cheddar, mozzarella, and apple smoked gouda.  Layered sautéed broccoli, onions, and mushrooms.  Then I had to show my love for bacon of course, so I had 3 strips of apple-wood bacon as well...then topped it off with three thin slices of tomato.
*Now... if you just so happen to be training for a decathlon, an iron man competition, or about to burn tons of calories that day...I would highly suggest, substituting the butter with the 'bacon drippings' (Paula Dean) to toast the bread...just to turn up the flavor just one more notch.*

What foods, besides tomato soup, compliment grilled cheese?
I'm actually working on that now.  Being that summer came early this year...I think a fresh, crisp 'avocado mash' (aka guacamole) will pair nicely with a GCS.  I'm working on mastering the gazpacho as well.
I recently worked next to a booth at a WIBO ( expo that sold their homemade salsa and customers enjoyed using it as a topping. Honey mustard or pesto would also work well.

How do you make a vegan grilled cheese?
I asked myself this question a few months back...because vegans are missing OUT on the GCS!  I did find some soy based, vegan cheese.  I haven't cooked with it yet, not sure about how well it will melt.  If I have vegans out there looking for a vegan friendly GCS, I might add that option to the menu.  It would have to make sense financially as well.
What are the best “extras” on a grilled cheese sandwich?
Spinach is King. Ham. Sautéed onions. Broccoli. Fresh tomato slices.
What is the best setting for eating a grilled cheese sandwich?
Well, the bread has to be warm and toasted; and the cheese has to be melted and the setting would have to be in proximity to the stove.  The best place would have to be the kitchen table.  The GCS is such an American classic of comfort foods.  The central hub of any home would be the kitchen table.  So many events take place there beyond breakfast and dinner: homework, bills, conversations and laughter.  The GCS should have its place there as well.

If you could imprint anything you want on a grilled cheese sandwich, what would it be?
1.) M.D.K
2.) @dorseyskitchen

If it was 100 degrees and 100% humidity one day in NYC, do you think a grilled cheese could “grill” on the sidewalk?
Ha! See the short answer is no.  The humidity would not allow the bread to toast, but the cheese may melt.  Now if it was 100 degrees in a desert in Nevada, I bet I could get a good toast on there, lol.
(Mrs. Dorsey's Kitchen does not plan, condone or suggest doing this.)

What are the steps to making a great grilled cheese?
For Greatness:
1.)  Grated cheese at room temperature
2.)  Mrs. Dorsey's special herb and garlic spread for the bread
3.)  Italian or sourdough bread
4.)  Patience…Panini presses and George Forman grills are not necessary.  Comfort food should NEVER be rushed.
Would you marry grilled cheese if you could?
LOL…I couldn’t marry a grilled cheese, because bacon has my heart.  Can I have both, or is that greedy? ha-ha
Where do you shop for your grilled cheese essentials?
I’m actually looking for local farm vendors right now, but Whole Foods has a great selection of cheese options.  I also check out the farmers’ markets on the weekend.

If I came to your house and looked in the refrigerator, what would I find?
Bacon, jalapeños, mozzarella cheese, habanero cheese, gouda cheese, spinach, chicken breasts, Brooklyn Lager, oranges, apples, tomatoes, bell peppers, onions, garlic, butter, orange juice and a box of baking soda in the back. 
Ronnie and his crew will be at Dekalb market next weekend selling his delicious grilled cheeses. Be sure to check them out! Tell him "Flava in ya ear" sent ya!
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Interview conducted by Celeste


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