Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Republic Restaurant Review

Pan-Asian Cuisine at its Supreme

All New York diners are aware of the ubiquitous noodle bar and Pan-Asian restaurant trend, and due to New York’s plethora of Asian fusion eateries, it can seem rather daunting to chose where to gorge on rice noodles, curries, and various lychee cocktails.  Republic, conveniently located right off Union Square, is one of Manhattan’s better Asian fusion spots, offering delicious soups, noodles, sashimi, and cocktails in a spacious, ultra-modern atmosphere.  The restaurant is modeled off of a London noodle house with its minimalist, sleek interior and diverse amalgamation of Vietnamese, Malaysian, Thai, Japanese and Chinese cuisines. 

Sit at the streamlined, wooden bar and order one of Republic’s fabulous drinks before your meal.  The cocktails feature inventive and delicious twists on commonly served drinks, like an Asian-styled sangria with pears and apples, and a mojito gin medley with cucumber, simple syrup, and loads of floating lemon and lime slices. 

Republic’s dishes are both elegant and hearty. The salmon sashimi salad features fresh, thin slices of glittering orange salmon lovingly garnished with mint and shallots. 
The soup dumplings are tenderly wrapped packages of luxurious pork broth, bathed in mild, chili-infused oil. 
Lime chicken soup is served in an oversized bowl brimming with silky rice noodles in citrus and cilantro infused broth.
Republic is cacophonous—its large hall brims with diners and their accompanying echoing voices.  It is not unusual for dining parties to share a long wooden table with one or two other groups.  This communal ethos is part and parcel of Republic’s charm, and feels more than acceptable amongst the restaurant’s chic interior and sharp food.  The wait-time to be seated is typically minimal, and the service is exceptionally quick.  So, if you’re looking for a lively and inexpensive restaurant to sample the bright flavors of Southeast Asia, look no further than Republic.  

Cuisine: Pan-Asian
Price: $
Address: 37 union square west New York, NY 10003

Conducted by Sarah T.


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