Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dedication to Layla Warsaw

We would like to dedicate our first post to a very special 5 year old twin girl named Layla Warsaw. She is the niece of our copy editor, Bryan F. Warsaw, and was recently diagnosed with cancer. When her pathology came through the results showed that she had a Wilms’ tumor, which is a type of kidney cancer that occurs in children. Luckily, Wilms is the most easily treatable cancer out of the types it could have been. She will have 7-9 months of chemotherapy and she will be an outpatient making frequent trips to the hospital. When the tumor mass has shrunken enough, she will have surgery again to remove it and the kidney. After all of this, she will be cancer-free and she can resume her care-free life as a child. Sometimes, God throws unexpected curve balls to test our strength. Layla and her family are passing this test exceptionally well. She has a long and wonderful life ahead of her when this is nothing more than a bad memory. We here at “Flava in Ya Ear” are wishing Layla a speedy recovery!  We will keep the prayers for Layla going and look forward to when she returns home to resume baking cookies and brownies with her mom and three sisters. 


Bryan F. Warsaw

Uncle Bryan loves you, Layla, to the moon and back! You're a very special girl, and you've attracted the love and prayers of so many people that you don't even know. Feel better soon, and keep eating that cheesecake, honey. It's magic medicine! ;-) xoxo


Big Daddy,s Bloody Mary Mix prayers are with you,. Such a beautiful little Chef!!! #Cheers :)


Layla is a warrior princess and her fanclub increases each day. We love and pray for you Layla.

Melissa M

Sending all our prayers of absolute wellness to Layla!!

From Melissa, Cym(age:13) and Tre(age:8)
P.S. Tre wants to send all the cupcakes in the world too!!! xoxoxoxox

Maura Moloney

All our prayers are for you Layla!!

Get better soon-- we are all praying for you and won't stop till you are all better.

Maura & Family

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