Sunday, October 9, 2011


The word delicatessen usually conjures up images of salty cured meats, briny pickles, soft creamy cheeses and crusty breads from lands far away. This was not the case on Friday night, when I ventured out to one of Soho's staple late night eateries, Prince Street's Delicatessen.
Having walked past the restaurant a few hours earlier on my way to meet friends for a drink I was distracted by the huge line of people waiting to be seated. When we returned at 11:30pm I was glad to see the queue had dispersed and we were seated without delay. Their street level open plan dining area makes it a perfect choice for Summertime dining and watching the world go by. While en route downstairs to the rest rooms Delicatessen's true colours are shown as the space opens up to a small lounged area and self proclaimed 'Mini Bar' (complete with hotel mini bar bottles lining the walls), revealing it's capacity to dine as well as party.

The menu is deliciously simple offering a range of appetizers from spinach and artichoke dip and sliders to fried polenta squares, and mains ranging from traditional meatloaf and fried chicken to duck breast and foie gras. There's also a large selection of Tacos and pasta's, and a unique selection of everyone's favorite, the good old Mac & Cheese.

We sampled a myriad of dishes on the night all of which were substantial, tasty and made with high quality produce. The Hamburger Mac & Cheese was as cheesy, delicious and filling as it sounds. The fried polenta squares were crunchy and of a good consistency and came with a well-paired marinara dipping sauce. Their house cheeseburger was lean and juicy and came with a nice crunchy salad on the side, and the Spaghetti with clams was creamy and beautiful and contained a large portion of clams. The real star of the night was the decadent truffle and parmesan fries which were so moorish we kept nibbling at them long after our meals had filled us up.

When food sounds this good you'd expect a high price tag but Delicatessen is very reasonably priced for a Soho eatery ($10-20 for a main). With dim lighting, sleek decor and a nice bar to relax in after your meal this is a great place for an evening out or a simple Midnight snack on your way home.

NEW YORK, NY 10012
(+1) 212 226 0211
Price: $10-20

Conducted by Meredith 


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