Thursday, October 6, 2011

Flava Buzz Pt.2

Food Report

The founder of Dominos plans to open up a chain of military inspired burger spots in Florida.

Single-serve microwave cup of Velveeta has been recalled. They contain pieces of thin wire bristle, allegedly.

Peanut butter prices are on the rise due to the peanut shortage. Works for me! I hate peanut butter! Sorry :/

Popeye's shapes chicken tenders into scoops so it is easier to scoop up sauce. Who else thinks this is gross? They keep rubbing the fact, that fast food is super artificial in our face! Thanks Popeyes! 

Companies have been marketing energy drinks to children as low calorie and healthier alternatives. Can they get anymore low?

The makers of Four Loko agreed to label the can with the correct amount of alcohol content. Which is equal to 4 cans of beer 0__0.

California lettuce recall includes New York and 18 other states. Is anyone else sick of food being recalled? Seriously, who isn't doing their job?

My favorite housewife from Atlanta, Nene Leakes, is opening a branch of Famous Famigilia Pizzeria in Sacramento Airport on October 6th. I wish she would open up a eatery instead of a mediocre pizza spot, but that's fine, I guess.

New "hunger awareness" muppet, Lily, joined Sesame Street. Lily does not know where her next meal will come from. The show "Growing Hope Against Hunger" will air as a special on Sunday, October 9th at 7pm on PBS.

Making fast food restaurants healthier, doesn't make it any sense because people do not go there for healthy food. They go there for quick comfort food. Should they continue to put so much effort into reforming fast food menus? What do you all think?

Fatty foods in Demark have a "fat tax", to lower the obesity and heart disease rate. I don't think this will work. If people want it they will buy it regardless.

Starbucks Corps will share profits from two of their U.S locations with New York and Los Angeles non-profit groups to help off set government cuts in educational programs. They are hoping to share in Harlem and Los Angeles Crenshaw district. Go Starbucks!

Dean of French cooking, Jacques Pepin, is concerned about the future of new chef's. He said they are more concerned with television appearances and book deals instead of the actual craft. What do you think about that? He has a point.

Yelp ratings can have a big impact on restaurant's business. Amen!


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