Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Nuela Nueva-Latin Restaurant Review

I discovered this nuevo Latin restaurant, Nuela, through my current addiction, the sales site, Bloomspot.  I checked it out online and the menu looked like it had potential, and the photos of the space looked chic, modern and fun, so I took a chance and went for it.  I was a little nervous when I went online to read the reviews the day I had scheduled my reservations, because people were saying the portions were very small, and that it was very overpriced.  I already bought the voucher, so I was stuck. Too late now, so off to Nuela I went. I don't know what they were talking about!  Those reviewers must be the same people who are used to super sizing fast, fat, overfed Americans.  I thought the prices were reasonable and the portions were perfect.  I was actually able to eat my entire meal and not feel like an overstuffed turkey the day before Thanksgiving. The food was also amazing!  First, they brought out this delicious bread with honey butter...a nice twist.  I'm not a bread lover.  I usually take a bite, just for the sake of trying it and then leave the rest, but this bread I kept on eating and even accepted a second basket! 
For my entree, I ordered the Churrasco, since I was in quite a carnivorous mood, and have been in a passionate affair with chimichurri sauce for the last three years when we were first introduced. If I wasn't already convinced that this dish was meant for me, all I needed to see is that it came with a side of yucca hash browns.  Hash browns.....yes! Mmmmmmm...... When my food came, I expected it to be good, but it was better than that.  It was exceptional!  My steak was cooked perfectly, and "perfect" is the highest compliment I can give.  There was absolutely nothing I would've changed about this entire meal. 
I couldn't tweak it in any way if I tried.  I loved it!  Loved!  The decor was as it looked on the website, too. It was fun, modern,energetic, it had a good vibe, not cheesy and not too formal...very nicely done.  I even started looking at the way they draped the orange cloth they used in their design and wondered " can I incorporate this into my Manhattan apartment?" 
The bar looked comfy and time, (yes, I'm going back), I'm going to sit there.  Even the bathrooms are cool...downstairs, dimly lit and sexy, coed with no you catch my drift? can be naughty.  Anyway....I recommend checking out Nuela....great place for a date!

Appetizers- $$
Entrees- $$
Dessert- $

Location: 43 W. 24th St. N.Y,N.Y
Number: 212-929-1200

By Jennifer 

Photos from yelp


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