Friday, September 16, 2011

Brooklyn Hard Candy

Artisan-Crafted Hard Candies Come to Brooklyn:

From the bright culinary minds of two Cordon Bleu grads sprung an innovative idea: to handcraft old-fashioned hard candies in Brooklyn, NY.  Transparently named, Brooklyn Hard Candies are sparkling pouches of sugar, glucose, and citric acid and are the perfect oral fixation quenchers: delicious and long lasting. These jewel look-a-likes come in an array of fabulous fruit flavors, including concord grape, wild strawberry, green apple, blueberry, pineapple, and tangerine.  All varieties feature an ideal ratio of sweet to tart, and never taste like the overpowering stuff we ordinarily classify as candy.  BHC’s subtle flavoring produces a delicate, yet surprisingly succulent gastronomic experience, as the sugary rocks slowly mingle with your tongue and melt into your mouth, just as a real fruit would.  The brand’s packaging is sustainable and exceptionally attractive.  The colorful nuggets are stored in an apothecary-inspired glass vile, which is capped by a thick, circular cork.  All of these materials, including the artfully designed label, are made from recycled products.  
The only downside of Brooklyn Hard Candies is that they are in somewhat limited circulation, as the business has only been up and running for a year and a half.  The candies are available at a number of specialty food stores in Brooklyn and Manhattan, as well as a smattering of sweet shops in other areas of the country such as Minneapolis, Kansas City, Portland, Chicago, and Santa Monica.  For a complete list of retailers, and the option to order directly from Brooklyn Hard Candies, check out their website at  Happy sugar sucking!

Location: Brooklyn Larder 228 Flatbush ave. Brooklyn, NY 
Price: $8.50

Conducted by Sarah T.


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