Sunday, September 11, 2011

Flava Buzz

Restaurant Openings

Tabara Noodle Restaurant serving up a variety of noodle based soups.
540 9th Ave., (btw, 39/40th), 212.290.7691

Deli style restaurant, Mars Cafe, is now open on 39th st.

Five Guys will be opening a new location next week in Brooklyn.
164 Park Place

Serafina's new home will be in the meatpacking district.

The remodeled, Le Bernardin are now open. They now have an extravagant cocktail list, more seating and it now has a light and airy feeling. No jackets or reservation are required.

The Spermbar is a new non-alcoholic cocktail truck. The cocktails will be based on an online questionnaire about physical attributes. The artist and mixologist will make customized cocktails based on look preferences.
Parked at 972 Fifth Ave, (btw 78/79th) It's Free! 

Tolani Wine Restaurant will be bringing tacos, lamb sliders and Malayasian goat curry to the Theater Bar on September 20th.

Benihana midtown is officially closed for renovations. They plan to reopen in December.

Food Report

Ben & Jerry's has released a new limited flavor called Schweddy Balls. Schweddy Balls are bite sized vanilla with a hint of rum and fudge covered-rum and chocolate malt balls.  This flavor can be found in Ben & Jerry's scoop shops as well as supermarkets.

A Japanese blogger used his Macbook Air (literally) to prepare a meal.

Colleges are serving healthier foods. 

A survey of American adults revealed that 28% of Americans do not know how to cook.

Smashburger will be bringing their burgers to three countries on the Persian Gulf.

Outback Steakhouse served alcoholic samples to a 4-year-old and two teenagers. The server stated that they did not contain alcohol. The family of the children tried the samples and realized that the server made a mistake.

Google buys Zagat! Stay tuned! 

Chick Beer, is a new beer designed to lure women. The beer has 97 calories and 3.5 carbs per bottle.

Cup of Noodles Museum will be opening next Saturday in Yokohama.

4.3 million dollars is offered to encourage people to eat insects.

Food Shows

The Great Food Truck Race Sundays @ 9pm/8c on The Food Network

Chopped Tuesdays @ 10pm/9c The Food Network

Restaurant: Impossible Wednesdays @10pm/9c The Food Network 

Top Chef: Just Desserts Wednesdays @10pm/9c Bravo 

The Chew will premiere sometime this month on ABC.

Food Events

will be holding a tasting event on September 26th. The six-course meal will feature food inspired by the Yucatan region of Mexico.

Cocktails and Crafts: A Fall Festival Benefit for the Lower Eastside Girl's Club 
Astor Center 6-9pm 399 Lafayette St.

Third Annual Tang's Natural Dumpling Festival
Sara D. Roosevelt Park, Sat noon-5pm 

The Big 4: Metallica, Magadeth, Slayer and Anthrax Sep 14th

Foo Fighters Sep 26th 

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Keeping those who lost their lives and those who were directly effected by 9/11 in our thoughts.


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