Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Four Barrel Coffee

Lucky regulars at Four Barrel Coffee enjoy art on their latte every morning. It’s not the high caloric syrups with pointless swivels, but a leaf like shape that reminds you of that special autumn walk accompanied by a painted sunset. Four Barrel crowd consist of college students and professionals with one thing in mind, good coffee crafted by an Artisan Barista. 
The taste of their coffee, surprisingly made me not care too much for the quick caffeine fix I normally have. It brought me back to remembering when I lost my umm... coffee virginity, at the tender age of eleven, it was so so good. Yes, it had been that long since I indulged in a cup of coffee rich in taste.
The music they play is from vinyl, so you can definitely expect a great collection of mainstream and indie bands from the past. The ambiance of the venue is more than fantastic. There is a beautiful chandelier that brightens up the wall of art. The art and humor, keep your eyes busy even with the cute date you’ve been uber dying to get with, in front of you. The tables are communal, allowing room for people to have a fun sociable experience for all. 
If anyone goes to this coffee shop make sure you visit the library of flavors on their counter. I advise you to buy at least a quarter pound of roasted beans. Allow your taste buds to lead you and the expert Baristas will match you with the perfect bean.

Location: 375 Valencia Street, San Francisco CA 94103
Cost: $

Conducted by Carlo


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