Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Behind The Scenes at The Chew on ABC

Hi everyone I'm still on a brief hiatus for school, but I wanted to post this super quick fast for you guys!

Make sure you guys check out today's episode of The Chew at 1pm on ABC. My mother, my mother's friend, my friend and I went to today's taping. It was fun, but we didn't get anything to eat. How unfortunate?

Anyway, Mario Batali is making Capon (rooster w/ everything removed) A.K.A a fat chicken w/ mushroom palenta. Michael Symon is making Porchetta (Pork). Carla Hall is making Curried chicken and dumplings which looked and smelled AMAZING I might add. Check out The Chew website for the recipes. I'm going to make Carla's recipe in the near future and post it for you guys. I hope you enjoy these quick behind the scenes photos at The Chew studio. Their warm up guy (RC) is the same warm up guy for the Rachel Ray show. He's too funny! Caroline Manzo is today's guest! She is even more gorgeous in person! She is super teeny tiny! Clinton Kelly made some quick and easy ornaments from flour. He is a burst of fresh air! Love him and his plaid shirt! Dr. Oz's daughter Daphne didn't do much today, but cheer everyone else on and add a few heathy tips. She is lovely!


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