Saturday, December 31, 2011

Best of 2011

The year has come to an end so it's only right to recap the best of 2011!

This site launched in July 2011. One of the best days of my life. You all have been very supportive! I truly appreciate it. I've gained new business contacts and friends along the way.

 We have only been live for almost 6 months and we  have over 10 thousand views. There is a lot in store for "Flava in ya ear" in the near future.

Viewer's Favorite  
1. Interview with Kid Chef Eliana  
This was the most popular interview of 2011 according to my viewers.I had so much fun making up these questions. I was honored when Eliana and her mother agreed to partake. Thank you!

2. July Food Truck Rally
You all loved this post! Fun right?

3. Interview with the owner of Mrs. Dorsey's Kitchen

4. Interview with the ladies of Cake N Wings 

5.Modern Toilet in Taiwan

My Favorite

1. Interview with Ronnie Johnson the owner of Mrs. Dorsey's Kitchen This was my first interview for this site. I think I did a damn good job! I didn't know Ronnie prior, so I thank him for giving me the opportunity to interview him. We support Mrs. Dorsey's Kitchen!  

2. Q &A with the ladies of Cake N Wings 
I really enjoyed this interview. It was super fun and I can tell these ladies have a great personality. I hope you get that Food Truck! I will be a prominent customer! Cake N Wings Kickstarter project!

3. Guest Post by Melanie from Chicken and Cardigans
My best friend put me on to her blog and I fell in love. I love everything about her blog! I was honored when she agreed to do a guest post for us. What is better than food and fashion besides music and food of course? ;) Thank you Melanie! 

4.  Modern Toilet in Taiwan
I was speechless when I opened up this email. I think this review was fun, interesting, cool, and amazing. Very well done! The pictures are great! Thank you Gillian!

5. Holiday Questionnaires Part 1 Part 2
These were so fun to read! My Fave! Thank you to everyone that participated. 

I hope you all continue to support "Flava in ya ear!" Feel free to  contact with questions, comments, ideas!

Preview of 2012
Interview with Mixologist Elizabeth Dodwell
Q & A with Chef Joe "JJ" Johnson winner of Rocco's dinner party on Bravo 




My favorite, of course, was your very thoughtful dedication to my little chef, Layla. Events this year took a turn that I never expected and I've drifted, but I will have my feet back on the shore before long. Proud of you, Celeste. xoxo

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