Saturday, September 3, 2011

5 Unique Vending Machines

I found some pretty cool vending machines in different parts of the world. In the U.S, we are use to the typical snacks, beverages and ice cream vending machines. We are on the low end of the vending machine totem pole. Check out these 5 too cool for school vendy's!

Hot Fresh Fries stores frozen potatoes, fry and salt them in less than 2 minutes.
Location: Australia
Price: $1.50-2

Let's Pizza allows customers to see the entire pizza making process. Using flour, water, tomato sauce and cheese. The pizza vendy whips up a hot pie in 3 minutes. Margherita, prosciutto, speck (bacon), or vegetable pizzas are offered.
Location: Italy
Price: $4.50 + (3.5 euros)

This pecan pie making machine is actually located in the U.S. Texas to be exact! You can get a 9 inch deep-dish pecan pie in minutes along with 21 other pecan items.
Location: Texas
Price: $17.50

Farm fresh egg vending machine from local farms in Japan. Each compartment holds 10-12 eggs, behind a door that unlocks when the money is received.
Location: Japan
Price: $3 (300 yen)

Pan Desuyo is a canned bread vending machine. Chocolate chip, raisin, fruits, nuts and coffee bread are offered.
Location: Japan
Price: $4 (340-350 yen)

Q: How cool are these vending machines?

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Coffee Vending Machine

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Vending Machines

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