Wednesday, August 3, 2011

July Food Truck Rally

Prospect Park plays host to the outstanding Food Truck Rally every 3rd Sunday of the month. Unique to New York's culinary culture the local food trucks can be either a fantastic find or your worst nightmare, but only the former applies at this one of a kind event as they've diligently sorted the best from the rest.
Working in conjunction with the NYC Food Truck Association ( the event proceeds to showcase premium food truck vendors - kicking your run of the mill kebab man on the corner to the curb - and provides New Yorkers with affordable quality food on the go, while at the same time supporting grass roots local businesses and food truck entrepreneurs.
The following food trucks pulled into Prospect Park to start off the monthly affair and were definitely the leaders of the pack as far as the hungry park-goers were concerned:
 Gorilla Cheese is taking old school American favorites to the streets with it's menu of classic grilled cheese and specialty sandwiches. Tack on a side of tater tots, creamy tomato soup or mac'n'cheese and you're sorted.
Korean food has been a long-time favorite of mine with it's fresh, clean flavors, healthy ingredients and delicate spices. But the crux of Korean cooking is Kimchi - a spicy pickled cabbage that tastes a lot better than it sounds. Kimchi Taco has cleverly combined stock standard favorites such as tacos, burritos and if you can believe it, cheesesteak, and combined them with treasured Korean family recipes to make for a truly unique and tasty experience. If you don't believe me, try it!
Home of the delicious Lobster Roll this is one food truck delight I simply had to sample for myself. With fresh Lobster brought in from Maine each week, courtesy of the Red Hook Lobster Pound in Brooklyn. This is a slightly more decadent food truck but it's definitely worth it. Toasted buttery roll, fresh salad and lobster tossed in chives and mayonnaise - how can you go wrong?
Considering the first Sunday of the Food Truck Rally was a sweltering afternoon in the high 80's, it's no wonder the Kelvin Slush queue was never ending. With a fresh take on an old favorite they're tasty, refreshing, and healthy to boot! Green Tea, Ginger, Mint, Basil and a myriad of fruits make for colorful and fruity cocktails that will cool you down on the hottest of days.
 All my coffee drinking counterparts will agree, the Mud Truck has saved their lives at one time or another on their early morning commutes. With great coffee, stylish design and an East Village attitude this truck is not to be messed with when it comes to coffee - and they have some cool t-shirts too! They also have a great New York City intro on their website if you've got a few minutes.
 Another truck I just had to sample - only due to the extreme heat of course… But so popular was this little 4 wheeler. They only had Vanilla and Chocolate left. I went Vanilla, my friend chose Chocolate, and neither of us were disappointed. Word on the street is their Pistachio is to die for, and I wouldn't mind sinking my spoon into the Hazelnut, Strawberry and Ginger either.
The below trucks were also serving it up in the sunshine ensuring no one went hungry:
As you can see there's something on offer for all at this super tasty local event. For more information on the Rally and the participating food trucks visit  If you do head down for a gander be sure to wear your extra roomy food pants, as one truck just ain't enough!

Please demonstrate your support for food trucks by signing their petition.

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