Thursday, August 11, 2011

Q & A with the owners of Cake N Wings

Cake N Wings was established in 2001 during their senior year of high school at Frederick Douglass Academy in New York City. Through The National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship they were given the opportunity to learn about business and each student had the option of entering a business plan competition. During a late night phone call they discussed entering the competition; what we could sell or whether or not we should enter at all. After some discussion they decided to enter the business plan competition and won! Thus was the beginning of Cake N Wings.

Today Cake N Wings caters to the entire tri-state area and has experience growth allowing them to acquire jobs of up 500 people. Some of their clients including New York's Top Radio Stations Hot 97 and Kiss FM, and Global Grind just to name a few.

I got a chance to catch up with the ladies from Cake N Wings for a fun Q & A. Check out what they had to say:

What is in your refrigerator right now?
Cherries, Apples, Broccoli, Mushrooms, Onions, Carrots (I'm making teriyaki stir fry for dinner tonight) Kool Aid, One can of Coca Cola, and Water.

What was the last order of cake and wings and for what type of event?
Today we got an order for a roof top party down on Greenwich Ave in Manhattan. They had a voucher from our KGB Deals Promotion which was 50 wings and 65 Cake Tots and one free frosting for about $28, but they ordered an additional 100 wings and extra frosting options! We love these orders..

What is the optimal temperature for baking chicken wings? 
It depends on what you're going for. When your braising about 300-350 degrees usually but if you're roasting and trying to get a nice crust 400-450 degrees.

Why are wings a favorite game day food? 
Its fun and easy to eat. Its a finger food and during game day no one wants to be bothered with a knife and a fork! A wing in one hand and a beer in the other is ideal.

How often do you eat Cake n Wings? 
Not as often as I'd like. The last time I had some Cake N Wings to myself was about a month ago when we were vendors at an event. It was a play so once everyone got to their seats I sat down and had a moment. 3 buffalo wings and 3 yellow cake tots with chocolate frosting. It was heavenly. lol

What are 3 spices everyone needs in their pantry?
Garlic, Cumin, Paprika (that reminds me, I need to get some Paprika)

Signature Cake n Wings dish? 
Our signature dish would have to be our original combo which is Buffalo Wings with Yellow Cake. It was the combination that started it all. Something about the spice of the Buffalo Sauce with the sweet, buttery yellow cake that just works. If you're lucky a bit of the buffalo sauce gets on your cake tots and you add a bit of chocolate frosting. Its just absolutely delicious!
If you had six months with no obligations or financial constraints, what would you do with the time (food related)? 
I would travel around the world and learn more about each destination’s food culture. I'd like to visit places such as France, Italy and Spain and learn their different techniques. I'd travel to Japan to learn how to make sushi and India to try new and different spices. I'd travel to South America and the Caribbean to get back to my own roots as my family if from Guyana and learn the history behind the foods I grew up with. Yea, that would be awesome!

If you could make Cake n Wings for anyone in history, for whom would it be and why? 
Definitely the Big O! Oprah that is. She's extremely influential in ANY business. Any product that comes with that Oprah seal of approval is an instant success. Plus we feel we have a product that is so unique and delicious. We think she's someone that could appreciate not only our creativity but our drive as businesswomen.
If you were a type of food, what would you be? 
Ice cream because I'm cool and smooth with it ;-) LMAO!

If you could be a food superhero, what would you want your superpowers to be?
I would fight food crimes! All cooks that made bland, flavorless, uninteresting food would be in jail! lol.. I'd fight crime with a salt shaker..

What wing sauce would go best on a salad?
I'd have to say my honey mustard sauce. Its not your traditional honey mustard sauce. Mine has an extra smoky kick to it so it would go very well with a bed of mesclun greens (my favorite salad)

What are 3 words that describe your Cake n Wings? 
Fun, Innovative and Delicious. Our brand is one of humor and lightheartedness. You can see this through our twitter page as well as our Youtube channel. Its a very different and unique product and its amazingly delicious. Once you try it, you're hooked!

What beverage goes well with Cake n Wings? 
Anything! I like a nice glass of chardonnay..

What sides do you recommend with wings besides cake?
I'm personally a rice fan so some jerk wings with some rice is perfection to me. But I think a salad and macaroni and cheese goes very well with our wings.

What is the best setting to enjoy a plate of Cake n Wings? 
The best setting is in any outdoor environment. Maybe a park, a festival, a picnic with your honey. Its fun, finger foods and its very interactive with our "do it yourself" frosting. With Cake N Wings you get to enjoy the food as well as the experience.

What is your most creative wing sauce, ladies?
I think the honey sauce. It’s not your usual honey sauce. While others make their honey wings with JUST honey, ours has about 9 ingredients in it. We take our sauces seriously!

What are the steps to making great Wings? 
First make sure that the wing is thoroughly cleaned and fresh. Fresh food is delicious food and that’s why all of our wings are made to order. Then, whether you're baking or frying make sure your wings are patted dry. Once you add your preferred seasonings I think marinating for at least an hour will add moisture and flavor to your wing. Finally I like to cook at high temperatures 400-450 degrees for baking and 300-325 degrees when frying. It sears the wing and holds in the moisture. That’s why our wings are so succulent and never dry!

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Conducted by Celeste


Ron Johnson

WOW!! This interview is great! The concept is amazing...and I want to try some. The photos really speak for themselves!

Melissa Moreau

I agree with Ron. WOW!! Who would have thought to put those two foods together on the same plate!! Great interview! I'm sure Oprah would appreciate one of these dishes and maybe treat her entire network crew. You know how she rolls. I'm hungry just looking at the pictures!

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