Saturday, August 13, 2011

Cinco De Mayo Review

As a Northeast native living with a handful of Texan roommates, I’m constantly reminded of the poor quality of New York City’s Mexican offerings.  After spending time in Houston and Austin this past summer, I usually find myself nodding in agreement.  Still, if any restaurant comes close to redeeming our city, it would be Ditmas Park’s Cinco de Mayo.
Situated near the middle of Brooklyn on bustling Cortelyou Road, Cinco de Mayo is a favorite spot of hungry revelers on a (relative) budget.  I stopped by for dinner on a mild Wednesday evening, and although the seating often limited, I managed to snag a corner table to myself.  If you plan on finding room for a bigger party at a busier time though, I would suggest calling ahead to check on the wait.  The place can fill quickly if too many local residents start to feel hungry.

I started off with the Super Nacho appetizer ($8.50), a very sizeable portion I was planning to section off for a late night snack. I decided to pair the nachos with homemade horchata ($2.50), a rice-based drink flavored with a dash of cinnamon – wonderfully crafted by the restaurant, although their Jamaica agua fresca is a close second.  The Super Nacho was a spicy, flavorful blend of sliced jalapeños, melted cheese, and delicious salsa, although the nachos themselves quickly grew soggy under the weighty mix.  Starting to feel full about halfway through, I decided to stop and save space for the rest of my meal.  The appetizer as a whole could certainly serve as a meal for those on the safe side of famished.

Cinco De Mayo
Location: 1202 Cortelyou Rd. Brooklyn, NY 11226
Time: 6:30pm on a Wednesday
Price range: $ ($2.50-$13)
Cuisine: Mexican fare
Ambiance: Colorful Mexican décor (especially Frida Kahlo )with traditional Mexican music

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