Sunday, August 14, 2011

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Bearded Lady is a colorful, Prospect Heights saloon, serving up a variety of draft , and specialty cocktails. House-made beer cheese with pickles and pullman bread, is one of their sandwich delicacies.
686A Washington Ave @ St. Marks Ave, Prospect Heights, Brooklyn

A new Korean fusion food truck, Bob & Jo is amidst the NYC streets. Serving up baguettes or rice platters topped with kalbi ( marinated bbq short ribs), bulgogi (marinated rib eye steak), spicy chicken or pork belly and many vegetarian options.
Twitter for locations @bobjotruck 

Dolce Vizio, is a classic Italian dessert shop in the West Village. You can create numerous variations of the infamous Tiramisu.
131 Christopher St @ Hudson St 347.556.9999

The owners of Italian wine spot, Felice wine bar, opened a full service sister restaurant. Felice RIstorante & Wine Bar, will serve hearty classic Italian dishes, such as chicken millines with arugula and cherry tomatoes. Choose from their 100-bottle Italian wine list.
1593 First Ave at 83rd St. 212.249.4080

2nd Ave Deli, the delicate chopped liver, corned beef and pastrami establishment is now located in Murray Hill.
1442 First Ave at 75th St. 212.737.1700

Tertulia, is a Spanish cuisine eatery, serving up tapas, shareable plates such as arroz del mar ( bomba rice with cuttlefish) ink, lobster, clams, and runner beans. Plus grilled whole fish, clams and steaks in a custom-built wood-fire oven.
359 SIxth Ave btwn Washington Pl and W 4th St. 646.559.9909

Brooklyn's J & V Pizzeria is now open in Midtown East. The original location is in Bensonhurst, and has been making pizza since 1950.

Authentic Neapolitan pizzeria, Don Antonio, will be opening on 50th and 8th avenue in the fall. 

Do or Dine, is a laid-back, American cuisine eatery, situated in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
1108 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 718.684.2290

Food Report

Nabisco has a added a new addition to the ever-growing  oreo family. The Neapolitan triple double oreo, is a layered strawberry and chocolate cream between three golden oreo wafers. Each cookie contains 110 calories. They are now on shelves.

Every 50 grams of processed meat you eat on a daily basis increases your risk of colorectal cancer by 21 percent.

There has been a dramatic increase in Farmer's markets that sell fresh, nutritional foods. They have little support from the federal government.

An 8-year-old child in Sweden had a swastika tattoo included in his fast food meal. The owners of the fast food restaurant apologized and said the tattoos were from China and including the Swastika was a mistake.

New shrimping regulations for the Gulf of Maine that include options on where and when shrimp can be caught.

Fried butter on a stick? Can this really be the new fair food? The result is a heart attack-inducing diabetic feast on a stick. 

Vodoo Doughnut of Portland, OR broke a world record for having the largest doughnut box in the world. The box contained 3, 880 doughnuts.

A food server at Olive Garden, in Fayetteville, N.C, tested positive for Hepatitis A. Customers who ate there in the past weeks may have been exposed to the disease. The county health dept has set up a free screening clinic.

A self-made chef offers free cooking demos through Google+.

Does organic chicken contain less antibiotic-resistant bacteria? Stay tuned.

Are modern day vegetables lower in nutrients? We will keep you posted.

British cooking appliance manufacturer published, Tweet Pie cookbook filled with 140-character recipes was inspired by twitter. The recipes were submitted by fans on twitter.

Eating dark chocolate could improve physical endurance.

Food Events

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