Friday, August 12, 2011

Flava Fun Friday

I've helped put together a lot of fun, memorable parties this summer. Here are a few quick recipes and ideas for your next party.
My parents celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary, with a blue and white themed soiree. In honor of the "blue themed party" I decided to make the finest jello shots! Boy were they delish! I made 100 jello shots and used one full bottle of Smirnoff Blueberry Vodka. I used more alcohol than the original recipe called for but who cares? Don't you want to get buzzed smoothly at a party? Plus, they were secret weapons because you really weren't able to taste the alcohol. The jello flavor was berry blue, so it pretty much tasted like a jolly rancher. Yum!!!
 What you'll need
1 box of jello
1 bottle of liquor (not dark)

1. Pour the jello mix in to a large mixing bowl.
2.Pour 1 cup of boiling water into the bowl. Stir until dissolved.
3. Add 1/2 cup of cold water 
4. Add 1/2 cup of liquor
5. Stir well and cool before pouring into jello shot cups.
6. Place in the fridge for a minimum of 4 hours. The more alcohol the longer it will take to set.

The next party we had was a Disney-themed children party. It was a blast! Lot's of sweets and goodies. I didn't bake or cook this time. All the credit goes to my lovely aunt. I did all of the backyard decorations.
The cake was from BJ's wholesale store. I forgot what kind of cake it was because I didn't have any. I'm not too fond of BJ/Costco cakes but everyone was raving over it. My aunt had them frost it, and she added the toppers. The cake was huge, there was a lot left over. It was about 28 bucks and it can easily feed 48-100 people. Great Bargain! 
We set up an ice cream station with chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and cookies n cream. We had toppings for days! Gummi bears, m & m's, marshmallows, reeses pieces, oreos, cherries, whipped cream, chocolate, carmel and strawberry syrups where all apart of this ice cream depot. 
*Mouth begins to water* These cupcakes were scrumptious. I ate 3. One on the low, before the party started, one in public, and the other I took home with me for my "mom." Well..don't judge me, they were good. Anyway, the green cupcakes are supposed to be the aliens from Toy Story 3, the cupcakes with the oreos are supposed to be Mickey, and the pink ones are Princess. Cute huh? Sorry, the pic is not the best. I was really busy, so I had to take pics quickly.
Chocolatey chocolate balls, Mickey sugar cookies, brownies, and chocolate chip cookies.
They were all homemade and heavenly.

Here is the recipe to the chocolatey chocolate balls for all the crazed chocolate lovers.

What you'll need
1 package oreo cookies
1 8oz package cream cheese
1 package chocolate 

1. Place oreos in food processor, process until fine.
2. Place crumbs into a bowl and mix with cream cheese
3. Roll mixture into small balls and place on cookie sheet.
4. Put the oreo balls into the fridge until they get cold.
5. Take out and dip into melted chocolate.
6. Put cookie balls back in fridge to harden.

P.S Be sure to have an uncle dress up like Buzz lightyear! I wish I could post the pic.

Q: What are some of your party essentials?

By Celeste 


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