Sunday, August 28, 2011

Flava Buzz

Restaurant Openings

Crumbs opens in Times Square on 42nd and 8th.

Van Leeuwen Ice Cream Kiosk opens in Bryant Park
Marky Mark and his brothers will be opening a restaurant in Massachusetts called Wahlburger. They acquired the rights to use the name.

Mini diner chain, Kool Bloo is opening up a new location, on Church st.

New Crumbs location opening on Broadway btwn 108th and 109th st.

Pop's of Brooklyn opening on 8th st.

Sweet Wolf's will be serving up "American classics", with a focus on the wood-fired oven. 
Park Slope, Brooklyn

Food news 

The gov't is not allowing any papaya to come into the U.S from Mexico. Tests showed high rates of salmonella contamination in the fruit.

Cooking oil maker sued over "all natural" claims on the Wesson line of oils. It includes genetically modified corn and soy.

Outback is gave away 1 million steak dinners in honor of their new Wood-Fire grill.

Newlyweds shoplift $1,000 in groceries for their wedding reception. They filled up their shopping cart and left the store.

Farmed Salmon is a serious threat to wild salmon stocks in the form of tiny sea lice, according to a study conducted at University of Otago in New Zealand.

In-n-out burger sues Maryland's Grab-N-Go for trademark infringement.

Subway is going to test a cafe model in Arizona. There will be flat screen TVs, chic lighting, stuffed chairs, pastries, and bistro sandwiches.

Turntable Kitchen introduces the Pairing Box. For $25 a month you will receive a box of goodies to create a unique food and music pairing. 

Joey Vento the owner of a South Philly landmark, Geno's Steaks dies of a heart attack.

Biden eats at a inexpensive Beijing restaurant called Yaoji Chaogan. He kept it simple with pork buns, noodles and cucumbers. Media had a field day.

Sandra Lee admits that her "real personality" includes a potty mouth.

Dominos is launching a line of artisan thin crust pizzas. They listed a brief disclaimer on the box stating "they are not traditional artisans."

Oatmeal is now offered at Burger King.


East Harlem Taste Trolly will resume on September 20th. The tour is $25 and it will explore ten neighborhood restaurants.

Urban Girl Squad is hosting a wine-tasting tour and grape stomping day trip on September 24th from 9-7pm. The tour is &135 and it includes transportation to 3 wineries, tastings, lunch, a wine cellar tour and grape stomping.

Third Annual NYC Crush 
City Winery brings in its latest haul of California grapes.

Park here pop-up
An indoor pop-up park that hosts local food purveyors every weekend.

VMAs will be on tonight at 9pm on MTV

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