Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Interview with James Miller, the owner of Big Daddy's Bloody Mary Mix

James Miller has been a mixologist for over 25 years. He found it nearly impossible to find a consistent, great tasting, Bloody Mary.  In 2007, James Miller concocted his own premium Bloody Mary Mix recipe. Miller states that "It is the best ever in a bottle, just try it and I'm sure you will agree."

James was delighted to take part in a brief interview. Check out what he had to say:

What is the secret to a great Bloody Mary? 
The secret to a great Bloody Mary is the unique spices, steak sauce, the horseradish, clam broth, and the thickness all with the right proportions so it doesn't come out watered down.

Can Bloody Marys really cure the evilest of hangovers, and if so, why/how?
One would say yes it can because of the spices and tomato juice and the how is because the vodka brings you back to how you were the night before!!!

What foods go best with a good Bloody Mary? 
Traditionally breakfast and brunch but if you have a really good premium Bloody Mary mix like BIG DADDY’S BLOODY MARY MIX, a good steak dinner goes well with it as well.
What Vodka would you choose to pair with your Bloody Mary mix?
Whatever your favorite vodka is; I prefer a citrus vodka.

The Bloody Mary has been called "the world's most complex cocktail." Would you agree, and if so, why? 
Yes I would agree because mixing all the spices and ingredients to the right proportion takes culinary skills.

Who is Mary/Who do you imagine the cocktail to be named after? 
They say the name Bloody Mary came from Queen Mary of Tudor England. We all know of the Bloody Mary and the Virgin Mary.

Are there any other delicious drinks that can be made with Big Daddy's Bloody Mary mix? 
Yes.  You can mix it with your favorite tequila and it’s called a Bloody Maria. You can also cook with it. For example, it’s great for marinating a Tri-Tip Steak. Check out the food recipes on my web page
Will Big Daddy be branching into any other cocktail mixes in the near future, and if so, can we have a taste? 
Currently we are working on a margarita mix and yes, you can have a taste when the final product is completed. 

What is the best setting in which to enjoy a good Bloody Mary? 
Any time is the right time! You know you want one.  Cheers, and enjoy!

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