Thursday, August 18, 2011

Go Burger Review

The name Go Burger makes it seem like it might be another run in, run out, grab a quick lunch sort of place. When walking in though (and glancing at the menu prices), it becomes apparent that a lot more thought goes into a meal here than at your typical burger joint. The lighting is dim, the ceiling is splashed with diner-fare words, and the waiters wear t-shirts with quirky phrases like “Tip Waiters, Not Cows.” 90’s pop music plays quietly in the background to set the perfect nostalgic atmosphere.

The menu takes typical diner fare to a more sophisticated level, with alcoholic milkshakes and gourmet, top-of-the-line beef burgers. In fact, the menu surprisingly lacked burger options. There were plenty of sandwich entrees and creative appetizers, but the burger section was short for an establishment with burger in the title.

We started off our meal with the Milkshake of the Week which was called Caribbean Breeze. It was a mix of coconut ice cream, bananas, honey, and an optional addition of rum. The milkshake was thick, and it was obvious that it wasn’t flavor syrup added. Chunks of banana and shredded coconut added an amazing texture to the drink. It came with thick straws which is also admirable.
We ordered their classic burger which was called the “Smashed Burger” in the sense that the beef was hand smashed, like mom used to do at the backyard barbeque. Onions were diced and smashed into the burger, and the patty was topped off with American cheese to emphasize an all-American classic.
We also ordered the C-Cubed, which was fried chicken, chipotle ranch, avocado, bacon, lettuce, red onion, and tomato on a hamburger bun. It might sound like overkill, but the chicken wasn’t greasy or heavy, and the chipotle ranch and bacon didn’t weigh it down either. It definitely wasn’t invented for someone on a diet, but it tasted fresh, homemade.
We also got a side of fries and were a little disappointed that with the prices we were paying, fries were not offered as a side with the entrees. But they were waffle cut, crispy, and delicious.

Go Burger
Location: 448 2nd Ave New York, NY 10021
Time: 7pm on a Thursday
Cuisine: American
Milkshake: $10
Smashed Burger: $10
C Cubed: $12
Waffle Fries: $4

By Chrissy



Okay two words, "alcoholic milkshakes". I didn't need to read further. That sounds yummy. I don't normally go for fried food, but the experience described reminds me of homemade burgers from moms frying pan, well minus the alcoholic milkshakes of course. Yum!

GO Burger NY

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